Smart Billing Management

Smart Billing the core module of the BOSS (Business Operation Support System) solutions suite.

Smart Guard Network Manager

Smart Guard : The Smartest way to manage the bandwidth.

Smart CRM

Thanks for calling message is not enough today. We assure your customers we have a process that not let go your customer complaints into black hole. Smart CRM will automatically generates easy follow instructions to submit complaints and a way to monitor and follow up the same.

Smart OMS

Smart OMS is an electronic system developed to execute securities orders in an efficient and cost-effective manner. Many companies use OMS for tracking the progress of each order throughout the system.

Smart Inventory

Whether you are running manufacturing centers, distribution centers, service depots, spare parts warehouses or other types of parts storage facilities, Inventory Management provides the multi-mode inventory capability that helps you control all your inventory operations.

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Tuesday, 3 November 2015

Cheap Hosting Services And Its Benefits
Internet is the backbone behind every business now days. Today, almost every person in the developed or developing country has the access to the internet. Many individual works are done with the help of internet. Nothing could be thought as working without the presence of internet services. Be it kids, or young men and women, or be it businessmen and industrialists, everybody makes use of the internet services to increase their business and earn more profit through it. All this has happened since the last decade due to the rise in demand of internet services.

Among these internet services like e-mail and web shopping, websites are the most popular and important component of the internet. Without these websites, one cannot even send e-mails or do e-shopping. So, websites are the linchpin behind this much rise of the internet revolution. Websites are web pages that are technically made and managed by web hosts and the technique of making websites is known as web hosting. It is a technique in which the person who wants to make his website is given the web space, bandwidth and server to run his website on. All these servers and web space are owned and managed by web hosts.

Initially, making a website took a great amount of time and cost. But with time, technology improved and the time and cost to make a website reduced considerably. Technology improvement imparted to lesser times in making websites and rise in competition among web hosts resulted in more deals to the customers at relatively lesser costs. Today, there many hosting companies that offer cheap websites to their customers. Deals like $10 Hosting have attracted many individuals around the world. One dollar deal is usually taken up by individual artists like singers, guitarists, painters etc.

There are other web hosts which offer deals like a dedicated server with unlimited bandwidth at very relative low price. This kind of hosting attracts businessmen and industrialists who have a desire in making relatively a bigger site for more traffic. If not satisfied with this, some also offer deals like virtual private network (VPN) and more web space. Among many cheap web hosting deals, reseller web hosting/10 Dollar Hosting was developed in order to make profit in quantity. Reseller type hosting is a type in which the owner of the web space sells the space to its customers which are hosted as well. These host customers further divide the web space into fragments and allocate the domain name of different websites. In this hosting, the owner as well as the host customers, both are profited with this type of hosting.

Cheap web hosting is truly a sweet fruit to the needy customers who wants to spread his talent. Many of the people have already made their personal site and more are following. There are hundreds of web hosting companies who have their own websites describing about their work, deals and their respective amounts. These websites can be searched on the internet. Hope you will find the perfect web host of your requirement. For more details about $10 Web Hosting, do visit here-

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E-Mail Hosting-What Does It Exactly Mean?
In today’s era of modern technology, the world has become a small place to live in and a new terminology, email hosting has come into existence. People in different parts of the world can be in touch with each other through internet. E-mail or electronic mails are the best medium to be in contact with friends and relatives. A lot of information can be transferred from one place to another through e-mails.

E-mail hosting refers to a technique of hosting e-mail servers. This service enables the users to send and receive e-mails. This helps in providing services to cater to the needs of businessmen. Others services like granting access to custom configuration, accounts as well as domain designation.
E-mail hosting is the best medium to establish your own identity. This is suitable for all kinds of consumers having certified e-mail addresses as their domain name. It is well suited for those consumers who do not want to get involved in web hosting.

Nowadays many email hosting providers are available who provide different kinds of services as well as technology depending upon the needs. They provide email solutions on different email platforms. These services are basically based on webmail applications like Horde or Squirrelmail.

Email hosting has been designed for business purposes. It serves those businessmen who cannot afford to waste their precious time as well as resources for setting up infrastructure for internal messaging. This is because the cost up setting such infrastructure is very high. Besides there are also other risks of virus infections or any kind of software as well as hardware issues. Thus any hosting company will provide you secure hosting services, hence protecting you from such risks or putting your business at stake. In fact nowadays, people are switching over to email hosting solutions since they provide fast and secure services through IMAP or POP. There is proper authentication and encryption of the names of the clients and passwords to ensure that the best service is provided.

If you are new to this, then while signing up for an email hosting account, you will get a large amount of memory storage space. Apart from this any quality email hosting service provider will also provide services like spam and virus filtering to ensure only quality data and information reaches you.
Another important feature of email web hosting is the address book. Thus the clients can easily store the contact details as well as use whenever required.

Thus email hosting provides the best solutions for both the home as well as business consumers. It provides significant benefits over the normal email. Email hosting serves best if you need to handle messaging infrastructure. It will cut your costs and also provide number of services to fulfill your requirements along with security. Quality email hosting services include filtering methods like blacklisting, whitelisting as well as greylisting to ensure that you get the best security. Thus email hosting is emerging as the best solution to fulfill all your business needs and requirements.

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Monday, 2 November 2015

Choosing The Best Internet Service Provider For Email Hosting
Perhaps we are all aware of that how important a role of email is in our personal and professional lives. Even the social networking and mobile applications are come up with innovatory ideas every now and then, we people are engaged in redefining the way we communicate but still email is most extensively used as the primary means of communication. It is one of the commonly used internet services and if you do not have an email, you will probably miss the advantage of using a large number of applications and tools.

If you are doing a business and desire to use email as the crucial mode of communication among your fellow professional peers, employees, clients and customers, you will have to avail the endowment of email hosting. Email hosting is one type of hosting that offers better management for your server, complete data security and also unlimited email accounts for an organization. Business Email hosting plans offer enough space to store data, information, content, images, file and more and also it offers email sorting services and auto syncing services. The main functionality of this service is to provide an identity to the organization and also promotes the business in a professional way to increase online visibility for your business. When you reach through another person with these email account, you can be rest guaranteed that you will have an identity and people will start knowing your business as well. So, undoubtedly business class email hosting has become a boon in today's world and many companies are choosing these reliable services to set free from all worries associated with expenses and equipment needed for hosting.

All around the world, many email hosting companies are delivering such email hosting services in a considerable way. But the thing is you should use some tricks to find genuine service provider who best suit your business. Identifying email hosting service provider is easy and a simple process. To start with the process, it is vital to look for companies which offer free email hosting service. Though, it may sound little wired that how an email hosting companies provide free service and how they will cover their cost?  But it's all just to attract clients! For a certain limit only it's free. The companies that offer free business class email hosting are beneficial for those who want simple requirements. On the other hand, if you are having business websites, you may choose different packages which are payable. The email hosting service provider will describe precisely the rate list of different packages and the price you will get with certain bandwidth and so on. They will offer you support of 24 hours in a day and 7 days in a week, so that if you face any sort of problem, they will provide assistance instantly. Some email hosting companies offers hosted exchange services through you can access your mail anywhere at any time and also you can secure mail with free virus and spam protection. So, according to your needs, you can choose considerable service from the provider.

After getting a reputable email hosting provider, always ensure that they have a proper portfolio that contains all the previous work along with additional services provided by them. It will help you to contact their clients instantly to clarify your doubts and to understand the quality they provided to their clients. Though, you must be aware of such providers that force you to sign a contract with them or tie you with an email hosting package of the year.

There are many email hosting service providers that promise to provide quality services, but in return you will be left with disparity. Before you finalize a service provider, always make sure that the company is genuine and provide you a quality services that are beneficial for your business in a long run.

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