Smart Billing Management

Smart Billing the core module of the BOSS (Business Operation Support System) solutions suite.

Smart Guard Network Manager

Smart Guard : The Smartest way to manage the bandwidth.

Smart CRM

Thanks for calling message is not enough today. We assure your customers we have a process that not let go your customer complaints into black hole. Smart CRM will automatically generates easy follow instructions to submit complaints and a way to monitor and follow up the same.

Smart OMS

Smart OMS is an electronic system developed to execute securities orders in an efficient and cost-effective manner. Many companies use OMS for tracking the progress of each order throughout the system.

Smart Inventory

Whether you are running manufacturing centers, distribution centers, service depots, spare parts warehouses or other types of parts storage facilities, Inventory Management provides the multi-mode inventory capability that helps you control all your inventory operations.

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Wednesday, 7 December 2016

The Benefits and Risks of Custom Software Application Development
Software application development has acquired quite a significance in the present business world. Today, different organizations have different goals and have their own methods to reach them. Besides this, the increased dependence on the software and web technology has made it mandatory for the organization to go in for custom software application development so that specific needs of the organization are satisfactorily met.

The software application development firm looks into the requirement of the client minutely and scrutinizes its current business model. It analyses the shortcomings in the current IT processes and envisions a suitable software application development plan. The software development company takes into account the views of the client to figure out the desired and expected end-result. The gap analysis is done to know what is missing from the system, which is added will boost the existing system to deliver better business offerings. The findings are used effectively to create a custom-made application that serves the particular requirement of the client.

Software Development Company in Noida has its own advantages and disadvantages. Since software application being developed is out of the book, the post-deployment result cannot be envisioned because the developer is not sure how the software application will behave once it is implemented.  There can be installation and implementation problems, which take time to fade away. The success of software application depends upon how well the gap analysis test has been done and the new software application has been customized to the existing system.

The risks associated with custom software application development can be minimized by following time-tested and widely accepted software development methodologies like Incremental, Prototyping and Spiral. These methodologies are especially useful for the custom software application development when the outcome cannot be envisioned accurately. The whole development process is broken down into small stages. This slows down the development process but at the same time limits the risk. Prototyping allows the developers to create prototype and test run it to see whether it can deliver the desired result. If it falls short of the target a new prototype is developed. This reduces the development cost because software application development Company is able to add requisite changes in software application throughout the project development process and does not have to re-develop the project from the beginning if it fails to deliver the desired result. Here onshore and offshore activities are graphically displayed for software development process.

Custom software application development is costlier than pre-packaged software because it requires special development process and is designed for a particular cause. The custom-made software application is more likely to face installation problems than a prepackaged software application because it needs adjustments for proper integration and functioning in the existing IT system. This conditioning takes time and can cause initial operational hiccups.

Custom Software application development has its own advantages. The custom software application provider serves the IT unique needs of the clients and empowers them it to deliver highly customized business offerings, which would otherwise not have been possible. This increases business competitiveness and allows the businesses to gain a lead over its rivals. Though the initial development and installation cost are very high for the custom software application, in long run it offers more benefits to the businesses.

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Saturday, 3 December 2016

Modules of a Human Resource Management System
A Human Resource Management System or HRMS provides a linkage between human resource management (HRM) and information technology, automating many aspects of HRM. This improves efficiency, increases productivity and reduces the overall completion time of projects. Many businesses have started to realize the benefits of implementing HR Management Systems. Operations become smoother and the performance of employees can be analyzed in a better way.

A HR Management System consists of many modules which are similar to the job duties of the Human Resources Department. Each module allows employees to focus on the task at hand, and thus accomplishment becomes easier.

Even the most basic software packages dealing with Human Resource Management Systems will contain almost all of the modules mentioned below.

Payroll Module
Just as the name implies, the payroll module automates the payroll process, and ensures that no errors occur in calculations and all tasks are completed before the salary date. In a basic Human Resource Management System, the HR personnel will have to manually enter attendance and timekeeping records. However, advanced Human Resource Management Systems automatically log the attendance data through electronic cards or a tracker which is connected to every employee's computer.

When all attendance information has been inputted, the module calculates the salary amount for each employee, and automatically deducts money for tax, conveyance, medical and other related expenses. After this, paychecks and tax reports can be generated.

Benefit Administration Module
The Benefit Administration module of Human Resource Management Systems is a convenient way to monitor and control participation of each employee in various benefit programs such as pension schemes, medical insurance, and profit sharing. An ERP system is an intuitive, easy to use ERP software that facilitates recording and processing of all the financial transactions.

HR Management Module
This module offers a wide range of solutions related to application data analysis, demographic details of all employees and other similar HR functions. Its purpose is to provide an efficient way to control the Human Capital Pool or HCP of the organization. This is done by recording training, qualifications and skills of each employee.

Talent Management Module
A talent management module or applicant tracking system simplifies the recruitment and the talent acquisition process. It analyzes usage of human resources, identifies, potential candidates, and allows the HR team to recruit people through company facing listings and online job websites. It also compares shortlisted candidates on the basis of their scores, education and experience, which makes it easier to make a decision.

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Thursday, 24 November 2016

Human Resource Management: Types of Training and Benefits in the Work Environment
Effective human resource management often requires training so that individuals working in the HR environment are equipped with the newest ideas, tools, and best practices necessary to build an efficient team of working professionals.  Since HR personnel are commonly responsible for hiring, training, and assessing the performance of employees, human resource management training is a worthwhile investment for most companies and organizations; after all, people make up companies, and without them, there would be no company.

Basic training in human resource management helps those who are beginning in their career to understand the responsibilities they will assume in their role.  Those who work in HR must develop their knowledge in every aspect of human resource management, including compensation and benefits, orientation, training, development, employee relations and performance management.

HR management Software Company positions often require that HR professionals further develop their skills in specific areas such as labour relations and behavioral interviewing, as well as specialized training in employment law and diversity.  Today, the human resource manager is not the person responsible simply for hiring workers and keeping their personnel file up-to-date as they were two decades ago; this is why it is essential that individuals gain the skills and knowledge necessary today for effective human resource management.

In today's workplace environment, it is not uncommon for a company to have an entire human resource management team responsible for hiring the right individuals for specific jobs.  This team may also designate the responsibilities of an employee and detail the tasks assigned to that employee.  Without an effective human resource management team, a company is likely to have a hard time building an exceptional group of workers who are dedicated to the betterment of the company.

Effective human resource management may consist of several individuals responsible for different roles within the team such as manager, director and generalist.  The primary responsibilities of human resource management in general lies in meeting the interests and needs of the company, while meeting the needs of the workers simultaneously.  Organizations are constantly changing today; human resource management must constantly evolve as well in order to adapt to changes and remain resilient, keeping the focus on the end result for the company as a whole.

In short, today's human resource management team is often considered a strategic partner; those who work in the HR manager capacity often contribute to developing business plans across the organization as well as accomplishing objectives.  It's easy to see that the role of human resource management runs the gamut from hiring and training individual employees to protecting the reputation of the company; those in HR management often find themselves managing or navigating disputes or disagreements between managers and employees in order to come to a solution.

Human resource management today encompasses all aspects of an organization's people, their activities and their needs, which often includes  everything from recruiting and hiring to performance management, employee relations, building strong teams and leadership.

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Tuesday, 15 November 2016

HRMS - Software Solution To Meet The Needs
Human resources is the most valuable asset of any organization. The key behind the success of any organization is its motivated employees. HRMS is a software solution that provides various modules for Personnel Management, Human Resource Development, Payroll, Organization Structure and Records of Attendance.

Why is HRMS advantageous for an organization?

• Functions of an organization: It is important to plan and manage the primary functions of an organization. HRMS does this task efficiently and economically. Automating of core functions has become possible.

• Selection of employees: HRMS helps an organization in the selection of suitable employees. It has replaced written tests with online tests.

• Manpower: HRMS provides assistance for handling manpower of an organization. • HR requests: HRMS helps the HR team in processing daily HR requests without spending much time. It helps to automate HR policies and improve the efficiency of HR processes.

• Employees' skills: Evaluating the performance of employees at different levels and monitoring their number of productive hours have become easier through HRMS. The performance can be evaluated at 360 degrees through the tools of HRMS.

• Training Needs: HRMS helps to identify the training needs of different employees so that their skills can be enhanced. This will boost their satisfaction with the work that they have been assigned. Hence, an organization will get the best out of human talent.

• Saves time: HRMS helps to carry out Payroll efficiently along with greater accuracy. It minimizes data entry along with paperwork and saves the calculation time.

• Reliable Information: It is possible to get reliable information through HRMS as it enables to have a greater accuracy in Employee database.

• History of an employee: The user can view a chronological history of any employee of an organization right from the position data to his / her retirement. It helps to gather and update day-to-day employee records.

• Streamlining the Process: HRMS helps to streamline the process by keeping records of employees. The larger company has number of employees and so, the necessity of HRMS is more.

• Improved decision-making process: HRMS covers all the important information on various aspects of manpower. If such relevant data is available at a faster rate, then decision-making process becomes efficient.

• Compliance policies: It is necessary for any organization to submit the statutory reports to government bodies on the timeline. HRMS has readily available formats that widely accepted by everyone. Just a click of the mouse will enable to download the format and use it so that the reports can be generated faster and submitted on time.

XS INFOSOL's customized HRMS software is easy to use and available at affordable prices. XS INFOSOL HRMS team will carry out the task of installation of the system. Our system provides 24 * 7 access from anywhere provided that you have internet access. Our HRMS software is integrated to meet all the needs of HR. It helps to improve the morale and productivity of the organization. This software is designed to meet the needs of various companies and locations. It also has the feature to support multi-currency system. XS INFOSOL HRMS offers you the best solution.

XS INFOSOL - Leading Vendor of HRM Software Development Company that streamlines employee management for businesses of all sizes. Get XS INFOSOL HR and Payroll Software Design & Development Now.

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Tuesday, 25 October 2016

HR And Payroll Software Determine the Growth and Success Rate of Your Organization
Employees are undoubtedly the holding pillars of an organization. An organization relies on its competent employees to grow with a targeted pace. Every single worker contributes in the overall success of a firm. All the data and information associated with employees and their different performance attributes is managed by an integrated system that is called human resource management system. An HRMS is responsible to manage various verticals related to an employee from recruitment to performance management. An HRMS also takes care of employee engagement activities to encourage the employees to give their best to the organization.

Main tasks that are undertaken by the human resource department are recruitment and training, performance appraisal, balancing work environment, developing public relations, settling conflicts and so on. The ultimate duties of an HRIS is to make all employees realize their potential and direct them to put their maximum efforts to help the organization in achieving desired results and maintaining a job satisfaction with their work. HR department always keeps trying to introduce various recreational events within the organization so that there is not monotony in work and employees do not feel humdrum. An integral part of whole HRMS us payroll management.

Payroll management keeps track of employees' payment and leave management. Information like employees' remuneration, day off accruals, employee's leaves and working hours' management, etc. is not feasible to maintain and update manually. All these operations need to be in compliance with company's rules and regulations also. Hence, deploying efficient HR and payroll software systems is a basic need of a company. By implementing robust HR Payroll software, you ensure an all round growth and improvement.

There are various strong reasons to explain why HRMS should be given top priority in an organization:

Safety: The organization has an obligation to provide safety and risk management to its employees in terms of payment and performance appraisal. Any type of risk management regarding employees' financial data is done by the HRMS.

Accuracy: Payroll and HR operations are handled in a faster and more accurate manner with the help of effective HR software systems.

Employee Retention: HR specialists help the organization to achieve healthy work relations and hence acquire high performance by establishing strong relationship between company and its employees.

Cost Effective: HR department also helps in reducing the overall cost of deploying and distinct department to manage employees' payroll and performance.

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Thursday, 13 October 2016

Why You Need to Buy HR Payroll Software Now?
HR Payroll software is one of the greatest inventions of technology. It is adopted by almost every company these days and all the companies using it love it. If you own a company or you have a managerial position in the HR department of a company then you need to get HR software for payroll today. The answer to why you need to buy hr payroll software now is given in the below mentioned valid points. Do consider them once before you move on to the next page.

1. Fewer Errors: Payroll software is also loved by most of the companies because there is less scope for an error. Unless the employee operating it makes a mistake, there is no scope for any mistake. The calculations would be done precisely and none of the calculations would have any errors. Be sure to train the software operator right and you will never have to deal with any payroll errors. If you don't train the software operator right by using a quality Payroll Software Development Company program, you might have to rework on the payroll over and over again which would cost you time, resources and most importantly, money.

2. More Output: Payroll software would work faster than any human being. A person just has to operate it and it can compute the salaries of thousands of employees at once. So as a boss, you get better output and the work gets done completely and efficiently. Increasing output would also look good in the HR reports of the year and would prove that the company is reducing its internal costs by cutting out inefficient processes.

3. Happy Employees: When most of the mathematical and calculating related work is done by software, the employees would feel much happier. If you have just a few people in the HR department, their workload would reduce and they would be able to focus on other vital tasks such as recruiting new talented employees, retaining the existing employees, boosting the training & development strategies and so one. No one will feel overworked and the payroll would be calculated correctly every time.

4. No Legal Issues: If you make a grave error in calculating employee salaries, it can lead to a legal battle in extreme cases. Employee unions often look for excuses to sue the management and if the payroll system is faulty like the extra hours worked by the employees are not calculated, the legal battle would be very long and tiring. So, be smart and avoid getting sued by the existing employees or former employees by calculating the right payroll with smart software.

5. Less Staff Needed: As software is more efficient than many workers, you can replace some of the less efficient employees with software. You can use those employees in any other department rather than making them lose their job. Be sure to make the employees know that they might be replaced by the software beforehand so that if they want to look for another job, they have ample time to do so.

Another add-on benefit of using a payroll software is that your company comes out as tech-friendly and your future employees and clients would certainly be impressed by that. If you also don't want to spend money on training the employees on the new software during office hours, you can get them enrolled in the HR Payroll software training offered at XS INFOSOL.

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Tuesday, 10 May 2016

7 Things to Look for in a Web Development Company
As India is gradually transforming into Digital India, business owners look forward to coming online with their company website. Building a website tends to become a complicated issue when one is not techno savvy. Choosing the right web development company becomes a crucial decision.

Xs Infosol, a Website Development Company in Delhi,NCR has delivered successful comprehensive websites over the years. Our clients share their bitter experience with their previous IT Partners.

To simplify your choice these 7 Factors need to be given serious consideration before you hire a website development company:-

1. Management: The management of the web development company should completely understand your business goals with clarity. A dedicated account manager is not enough; you will need a strong management that addresses all the features a website should have to ensure the website works like a cash cow for you in the future. SEO features enabled make a website more viable for digital marketing promotions. Xs Infosol designs and develops websites keeping it at par with industry standards.

2. Team: An established web development company will house a team of graphic designers, web designers, content writers as well developers. Xs Infosol hones of a well synchronized team that is lead with a clear vision and crafts your ideas into a website that in the long run becomes your competitive advantage.

3. Client Testimonials: Client Testimonials play a very crucial role is selecting a web development company. Customer's feedback, their experience during delivery will assist you to judge whether you're on the right track or not. Xs Infosol offers cross verifying with our past customers most of whom have continued with us for their online marketing as well.

4. Responsive: You may wonder why is this important? On April 21st 2015, Google came out with its update that it shall not rank a website which is not mobile responsive. As most of phone owners have shifted to smart phones and most people now access the internet on their mobile phones; making a website which is mobile responsive becomes the duty of the business owner. Xs Infosol's empathetic approach has assisted its many clients in revamping their website into mobile responsive as well creating new websites from scratch.

5. Testing: Creating a website is one thing, making sure it's working to an optimum level is a completely another ball game. Before handing over the website it's the responsibility of the website development company to have it completely tested. Xs Infosol has an entire department dedicated for quality testing purpose only to ensure you have a fully functional website.

6. Extra Services: A website is only a skeleton without qualitative images, engaging content, requisite call to action buttons and dynamic placement of SEO enabled features. One most look out for a website development company that gives you the entire package. Xs Infosol is a SEO Company in Delhi,NCR that undertakes a wide variety of web marketing functions such as SEO, SMO, Paid Campaigns, Press Releases and Mobile Application.

7. After Sales Service: Website development is not curtailed to just designing and delivering a website. Assisting with after sales services plays an important role for decision makers as they rely on their IT Partners for this support. Xs Infosol has a long record of clients that have been assisted with decisions in regards to hosting, domain name purchases, business email id's integration and the works.

Past records, a stable market standing and an established name for itself become the signature of a good website development company. We at Xs Infosol believe in building long term collaborative business partnerships which are mutually beneficial for all parties.

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Thursday, 19 November 2015

How Can SMART HRM Software Help You In Growing Your Business?
Behind any successful company stand its encouraged and motivated employees. SMART HRM Software actually caters to achieve that through several modules like payroll, personnel management, leave management, records of attendance, organization structure etc.

How can it be beneficial for an organization?

The prime benefit that any organization can enjoy is the automation of core functions. The primary functions need to be managed and carefully planned. It can be achieved in an economical way using the SMART HRM Software.

It helps you in the selection of employees. The written tests have been made extinct by it and replaced with the online tests.

You also get assisted while handling the huge manpower of your organization. SMART HRM Software can easily provide for the regular HR needs. You can improve the overall productivity of the HR processes by automating the policies.

Keeping a track of the employees' performance is simplified. You can easily calculate the productive hours of any employee and keep a thorough track. This comes in handy when you are evaluating your employees during the time of appraisals.

With the help of SMART HRM Software, you can ascertain if any of your employees is in a need for training that can help improve his skills. It can lead to the morale boost of your employees and enhance their potential at the same time.

With features like payroll efficiency, you can expect great accuracy while also reducing the time spent on paperwork. It also eradicates the calculation errors.

You will never be wrong with any information about the employee database as the SMART HRM Software offers you reliability. If you want to review the history of any employee, you can do that and that too in a chronological order right from the beginning of his employment. All the records are maintained in a streamlined manner. This becomes essential when you have a large workforce.When you have all the relevant data, you can process information faster and it accelerates your decision-making process while also making it more efficient.

Last but not the least, all the organizations are required to submit legal reports to the government bodies. SMART HRM Software offers you the formats that are accepted by all those bodies and makes your task easier and more efficient.

With so many benefits and essential features, SMART HRM Software has become an integral part of every organization. It helps in escorting your business in the right direction for seamless and efficient growth.

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Tuesday, 17 November 2015

HR Software - How to Improve Efficiency in Your Human Resources Department
Although human resources departments are vital to the successful running of any company, the complexity of HR management is responsible for the fact that the whole process is a very labour intensive and expensive one. It takes a lot of employees and employee hours to run and maintain an efficient employee management system. There is the management of absences and holidays, rewards and benefits, expenses and of course the exceptionally complex and time consuming payroll management to name just a few of the processes that need to be handled by the HR office. It is an unfortunate fact that when dealing with complex processes like these, mistakes are almost inevitable and can also be expensive and even more time consuming to locate and remedy, usually any errors that creep in do affect a member of staff adversely so the whole human resource processes are often seen as a burden. There is a corporate saying that goes something like, there are no problems, only opportunities, and human resources is not exempt to this point of view.

Most businesses start their journey with HR and payroll being done manually, either by the business owner or someone with an administrative function within the company which is not ideal or the best use of peoples time and skills. As the organisation grows then often someone is employed to manage the HR functions and payroll management until the company gets to the position outlined earlier where the whole process becomes over expensive and inefficient. This is when they start to look for opportunities to improve things and usually they see HR software as the way to move forward. Human resources software comes in all shapes and sizes with small single function applications suitable for all but the smallest business up to and including full Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) tools designed for enterprise level businesses with possibly thousands of employees.

Human resources management systems aimed at the small business only is usually locally installed on computers within the company and typically manage only a few employees and will likely only cover a few functions like payroll and expenses with the additional processes still being handled manually. While this kind of setup will work for small businesses it still presents a problem to them that it is not really a scalable solution that can grow with the company, in fact most of the workload actually still exists and the reporting tools in such applications are minimal at best. What medium sized companies really need is the capability of a full ERP software solution without the expense of such an application, or perhaps a solution that is suitable for them now but that can grow as the company grows. These applications do exist and with the growth of software as a service (SaaS) and cloud computing they are available to all sizes of organisations, now smaller business can have access to the exact tools the big players are using and literally pay only for what they use.

This arrangement can bring huge benefits to an organisation, the management reporting tools alone can provide clear indications to companies on how to plan for future success, however immediate benefits are seen initially by HR staff who now find themselves able to actively participate in planning and providing an efficient and accurate service to employees and management alike. Never again are workers overlooked for positions because their training has been incorrectly recorded allowing the company to make the best possible use of the staff resources it has and to plan for future recruitment. All the information being available from one application means that all cross referencing is done automatically and nothing gets missed, saving the company cold hard cash which can make the difference between success and failure in these uncertain economic times.

Employee performance and monitoring also means that should a particular post show as being inefficient the employer can be pro active in ensuring the post holder has adequate skills and training to carry out the job and if not ensure they get the training required, these are things that boost employee morale and confidence and shows in productivity and helps to ensure that everyone is pulling in the same direction which is critical to the success of any company. Parts of these HR software products are self service where staff themselves update their records and have access to various elements ensuring correctness and lets them know that promotion opportunities that match their skill set will not pass them by.

A fully integrated HR software application will also take care of payroll, cutting the costs of this critical business process immensely, payroll bureau costs become a thing of the past as the company becomes large enough to handle it on their own. Time and attendance, reward management and management reporting all combine to make any business more efficient and cost effective which translated to increased profitability and a greater chance of success in an uncertain economic climate. Human resource staff can become far more productive and valuable to the business when they are no longer bogged down with the complexities of the process management which means they are happier and much more able to help the company move forward and assist all employees become more productive and happier in their day to day function, and you thought it was just HR software!

HR Software is a subject that scares some small business owners but it really does not need to be. Now there are services available to medium sized businesses that were once the preserve of only the big corporations thanks to pay as you use type software.

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