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Smart Billing the core module of the BOSS (Business Operation Support System) solutions suite.

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Smart Guard : The Smartest way to manage the bandwidth.

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Thanks for calling message is not enough today. We assure your customers we have a process that not let go your customer complaints into black hole. Smart CRM will automatically generates easy follow instructions to submit complaints and a way to monitor and follow up the same.

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Smart OMS is an electronic system developed to execute securities orders in an efficient and cost-effective manner. Many companies use OMS for tracking the progress of each order throughout the system.

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Whether you are running manufacturing centers, distribution centers, service depots, spare parts warehouses or other types of parts storage facilities, Inventory Management provides the multi-mode inventory capability that helps you control all your inventory operations.

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Friday, 27 May 2016

Bandwidth Management for Home Networks
If you are looking to share your home internet connection between several people and control their bandwidth, you are reading the right article. Be it your roommate who is making your games lag by downloading movies all the time, or your sister who's watching YouTube and making your web browsing slow, there is a great and cheap solution: getting a router with proper QoS (Quality of Service) capabilities.

Usually, home routers have very limited options when it comes to controlling bandwidth by using QoS. It usually involves something like checking an option to prioritize games, and that's it. However, you can buy a cheap ($60) router and turn it into a powerful device that can perform nearly all functions of expensive, commercial routers. I'll take WRT54GL model from Linksys as an example, since I'm most familiar with it, but there really are more options to choose (like several cheaper ASUS models). For the sake of simplicity, I'll keep to this model, since it's really a great choice.

After buying your cheap router, how do you turn it into something much more powerful? That's pretty simple really, you have to 'flash' the firmware, that is, install a third party firmware package onto the router. It may sound complicated, but it merely involves uploading the package using a very simple web interface - just like you would upload a picture to ImageShack, for instance. You will be able to use many advanced features then, such as unlimited port forwarding, very good QoS control, custom firewall scripts and so on (features will differ between different firmware projects).

Which firmware to choose then? There are plenty, but I'd highly recommend Tomato. It's very stable, it actually might make your router faster, and it has tons of features, such as: wireless signal boost, bandwidth monitoring and all kinds of graphs you can view, connection details, and my favorite: a cool QoS control. You can basically prioritize traffic in any way you want: give more priority to your PC, web browsing, voice chats, games, or whatever; and give less priority to large downloads and such. You can even block whatever traffic you want, by port, mac address or l7 filter.

You might have already bought a WRT54G(L) box, or a similar router which is capable of running Linux-based firmware, and you might still be using the default firmware, and wondering why would one want to flash it? There are a number of reasons, really, but if the default firmware works for you and you don't notice any problems or miss any features, you should probably just keep using it. One of the main problems I encountered immediately was that p2p programs used up a lot of connections, and there were not enough left for the regular web browsing (and the router forces a global 512 connections limit). You can't change that in the default firmware, but most custom firmware, like Tomato, lets you change the maximum connections limit; in fact, as soon as you install it, it sets a 2048 limit by default. The other problem with default firmware I encountered is very limited QoS control, and third party firmware fixes that like I explained in the paragraph above.

To wrap it up: buy a WRT54GL box; flash the third party firmare; enjoy! If you find that Tomato isn't for you, then there are a number of alternative third party firmware, such as DD-WRT, OpenWRT and Thibor. You can find more info about those on the Linksys forums.

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Tuesday, 10 May 2016

How to Choose the Right Mobile Application Development Company
These days smart phones are the integral a part of our lives and since they're website enabled devices, thus it will do rather more tasks than you expect. With the assistance of smart phones you'll be able to purchase or sale the product, you'll be able to browse web applications similarly as you'll be able to get notification for news and social media updates. recently its one in every of the foremost profitable marketplace for business man and because of that they need to amass additional and additional customers and for that static websites isn't enough they're suing latest technology and tools and in this phase once it involves smart phones, therefore we cannot ignore the importance of Mobile Application Development services for business. In market there are several android app development firms in India which might give you Mobile applications with desired functions and options as per your business want and budget.

In market there are several organizations that have earned millions with the assistance of Smart phones apps as an example you'll be able to take the e commerce corporations such as; Snapdeal and Flipkart as in past 2 years they need grabbed the main market share of on-line searching business and for that the utmost credit goes to their Mobile applications as a result of at the comfort of mobiles its simple for use to buy any time. If you've got product and services in market otherwise you are going to launch it in close to future than higher to rent the simplest Smart phones app development company in India and launch your own android app for business.

In present, folks from all round the globe are exploitation software development services India for various services such as; searching, new reading, for social media and for several different uses as a result of through it simply with one faucet you'll be able to access lots of information's. if you're thinking that your business has less variety of consumers and there's have to be compelled to grab additional market share to feature some nice figures within the record of business, therefore higher to rent the android app development company like simply easy web development services browsing you'll be able to get the list of best android app development company in India and in step with your want and needs you'll be able to raise them to produce the services. currently clients need to induce everything at the comfort of home and its responsibility of business men to supply affordable comfort to customers if they need to induce the loyal customer base.

If you may rent the web development company in India and you may discuss your desires and needs, therefore android developer can tell you that what you must have in your android app and the way to try and do app improvement in Google play store to induce the utmost subscribers for the app. with the exception of that you just ought to conjointly provide some extra services and discount to people who access your services through android apps. Before hiring humanoid app development company in India check that its able to give you needed services in cheap worth.

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Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Bandwidth Management - A Must Software For Internet Usage
Bandwidth is defined as throughput, amount of data that can be passed at a time. Bandwidth Management is very important because it is the central point from where all the systems are given the flow of internet. Allocating a specified bandwidth to every system is very important because if this would not be allocated then even if a single point consuming the most bandwidth would slow down the performance of the rest of the network.

It can be very disadvantageous and solution must be addressed for this problem. Other wise a very wrong decision is taken to increase the bandwidth but his is never the ultimate solution of your problem. Instead bandwidth Management effectively utilizes your bandwidth and also stops the problem of unnecessary system hanging and delays. It is a very cost effective and efficient way of managing the available bandwidth.

It actually controls the upload and the download speed thereby acting as a gateway to every system internet connection. This is very important and a vital element of any internet connection that what uploading and downloading speed do you has for the internet. Bandwidth Management ensures that the whole network is performing in a smooth manner with little or no network failures, hanging and delays, The best part is the dedicated speed that is allocated which makes sure that no system is using excess of what is required or what it has paid for. This results in the overall efficiency of the network resulting in minimal data losses and failures.

If there is no bandwidth allocation then in large organizations, employees waste excessive time in watching unnecessary videos and clips just because they have access to the internet and an unlimited bandwidth. This can be quite costly in the long run as well as people would spend most of their times wasting and being less productive towards office work. That is the reason why bandwidth must be dedicated and specified. Bandwidth Management ensures and keeps track of what every systems is given the amount and how much is used and what is the cost that is incurred. In contrast to the unlimited bandwidth that is only the wastage of time as well as money. Two major resources loss can occur due to unattended bandwidth management.

Another very important feature of Bandwidth Management software is that they cut costs as the internet connection is switched off after the office hours. This is very helpful in the long run profitability of organization as well as the productivity of employees. It gives the detailed statistic of every single system that is connected to the network. Thus keeping a log of every system. In the same any new system added is also recognized automatically and given the desired required bandwidth. This software is very ideal for hospitals, universities and educational institutions specially since young students and children tend o waste a lot of time surfing unnecessary on internet. Moreover it is ideal for small to large scale organizations as well as for government institutions as well ideal in internet cafes. will provides you best possible solutions to lemmatize the use of your internet bandwidth with the help of Bandwidth Management. This software not only helps you to monitor your bandwidth but also provides you internet security. We hope you have enjoyed this article.

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Friday, 20 November 2015

Universal Children’s Day – November 20
20 November is celebrated as the international day for children. The United Nations General Assembly recommended in 1954 (resolution 836 (IX)) that all countries institute a Universal Children’s Day, to be observed as a day of understanding between children and of activity promoting the welfare of the world’s children. The date of 20 November marks the day on which the Assembly adopted the Declaration of the Rights of the Child, in 1959, and the Convention on the Rights of the Child, in 1989.

The Ministry of Health and Social Services has organized a poetry competition as part of the activities for Universal Children’s Day on November 20th. The focus and theme of this year’s observance is ‘Child Sexual Awareness–Break the Silence, end child sexual abuse’. The Poetry competition is one of the activities organized by the Ministry to bring awareness and to educate all. The competition is targeting grade six students at all primary schools on island.

The students are required to take the theme, ‘Break the Silence: end child sexual abuse in Montserrat’ as the base for their poem. All poems will be looked at and judged for the awards of first, second, and third place. There will be a prize and a reading of the poem by the winner. The closing date for submitting poems is November 13th. The poems should be submitted to the Head Teachers of the Primary Schools who would then send them on to the Social Services Department.

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Saturday, 24 October 2015

How can I manage internet bandwidth usage in company network?

Traffic Shaping is becoming more and more common in the business market. Most companies with remote offices are now connected via a WAN. Applications tend to become centrally hosted at the head office and remote offices are expected to pull data from central databases and server farms. As applications become more hungry in bandwidth and prices of dedicated circuits being relatively high in most areas of the world, instead of increasing the size of their WAN circuits, companies feel the need to properly manage their circuits to make sure business-oriented traffic gets priority over best-effort traffic. Traffic shaping is thus a good means for companies to avoid purchasing additional bandwidth while properly managing these resources.

With a linux gateway, you have a rich set of tools for managing and manipulating the bandwidth usage. More details can be found at:,

However, sometimes it might be difficult for you to deploy a linux gateway server.

This tutorial will guide to implement a pass by internet bandwidth usage management solution, which enables you to manage internet bandwidth usage through a mirroring port on your switch. Port mirroring allows you to setup a port in the switch to receive packets of other ports.

Let's take "WFilter Enterprise" as an example:
First, setup a mirroring port for monitoring.

Upon proper port mirroring, WFilter will be able to monitor all computers internet activities.

Bandwidth Usage Management Settings

Using WFilter's bandwidth usage management feature, you can set a maximum accumulating bandwidth usage of each computer for a period time. In this example, each user can have 200M internet bandwidth every day. Only messengers and emails are allowed when the bandwidth limit is reached.

 You also can setup a policy to block certain users when available internet bandwidth of the entire network is not enough. For example, When entire network traffic exceeds 80% of available internet bandwidth, p2p traffic will be blocked.

Bandwidth Usage Alert Settings

And the bandwidth alert feature will send you an alert email when the accumulating bandwidth usage of a computer is too large.

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Wednesday, 21 October 2015

How SMART GUARD Bandwidth Manager Does For You?

Bandwidth is the rate of through put or rate per bit. It is also called digital or network bandwidth. This is important because they want to keep track of how much data in terms of files, movies and videos is transferred on a particular client in specified time duration. With SMART GUARD bandwidth manager you can get record as well as keep track of internet usage of each of your client. Without such management one of all systems would take more bandwidth and the rest would be sitting idle. In other words it would also damage the overall performance of the network as it would create network congestion.

SMART GUARD Bandwidth manager will help you control the network congestion and provide you systematic and allocated flow of data giving a systematic approach. There is a need of systematic network of traffic for all the systems that are connected to an ISP. Only increasing the bandwidth is not the option because if there is no proper management then bandwidth alone will not at all contribute. Using a bandwidth manager the upload and download rate of every single system is checked and controlled. Checked in the sense that initially the data and files need to be filtered from a gateway and if appropriate then sent to the particular system.

Dedicated speed is allocated to each user in which there is cost saving as whole because people will not unnecessary see videos, download songs etc once they have predefined amount of bandwidth in hand. Secondly the provider needs not to purchase additional bandwidth to increase the performance but initially do a systematic approach and allocate specified bandwidths to each individual customer. By using SMART GUARD bandwidth manager soft wares the whole network is in a systematic manner, seems a practical and useful approach too. This would also not lead to system hanging or slowing down as well and overall improving the performance of the network. Internet management is very essential for any large scale organization as it will be a source a great output and benefit in the long run. As everything is already designed in it so all you need is to purchase it and install it and then monitor it by performing all checks on it for every single network that it encompasses or for ever single system that the network has.

Bandwidth manager [] helps you track bandwidth in order to keep a record of every person internet usage so that you can claim as well as charge with proof and justifications. Moreover some blacklisted files can also be restricted for the users to access thus gaining authority and control. You can also use the module of cutting down the internet connection after office hours thus managing usage. They have the required level of security as well for your organization. These are ideal for offices, organizations, hospitals, schools and universities as well as shopping malls thus providing specialized security level, optimized output and specialized systematic approach. It is a one time expense and a life time benefit for your business.

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Bandwidth Management for Business Networks

Effective bandwidth management is vital for every network when it comes to performance. A single internet connection is shared by multiple networks. On a shared network, the consumption of the entire internet bandwidth by one user is an issue. As a result, there's a slowdown in the connections for the rest of the users.

Network bandwidth management will help you get rid of all these problems. It will also assist you in determining how much bandwidth is actually needed by your business. It enables organizations to stay in check by allowing professionals to manage and track the performance of their important business applications.

Why Bandwidth Management is so useful for Business Owners

  1. Businesses have to shell out a lot on bandwidth costs. By monitoring the bandwidth consumption, you save a lot of time and money.
  2. It offers an excellent internet experience. It makes a great difference between a sluggish network and one that seems to be fast. For applications like VoIP, a great difference can be made by bandwidth management between a system that functions and one that is inoperative.
  3. There are many users who use bandwidth excessively. Bandwidth management controls the distribution of bandwidth among users. You can control bandwidth usage per user, or by protocol basis or maybe both.
  4. Unfortunately, there are still a few places that don't have access to data lines operating at high speeds, or maybe the rates are very high. In such a scenario, bandwidth management prove very useful. Even if the users are not able to afford advanced commercial devices, they can install an open-source application. The software is used with two network cards, and it can be used as a Web caching server.
There are a few approaches that can help you manage and control bandwidth

  • You can slow down the bandwidth-hungry programs or restrict access for the users.
  • You can prioritize the important traffic sources on your network, such as phone calls or catalog records.
  • Lastly, you can get your traffic optimized on your network in order to raise efficiency and keep off surplus transmissions.

It enables you to analyze your bandwidth usage. It also notifies you about bandwidth related performance issues that may erupt in your network. However, the type of traffic your network carries determines what kind of bandwidth management strategy is suitable for you. You can always seek a professional's advice on how to manage your bandwidth in your network.

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Tuesday, 20 October 2015

Hire Best SEO Company in India

The role of SEO services is about attaining the ranking for the website at major search engines viz. Google, Yahoo, MSN, AltaVista etc. Besides it the SEO of a website also includes the portal's optimization and generating traffic of online visitors as well. The SEO Company in India can offer you best SEO services at the reasonable charges. You can hire an affordable internet services from the popular SEO companies in India that can give you the results for your website as soon as possible.

The website of a company shows the online presence of a company on the web. However the optimization of the company's website is also essential. You can do it wisely by adopting the useful search engine optimization (SEO) services from any of the SEO companies. The business owner can hire SEO concern from across the world for the optimization of the company's website and rest of the internet marketing activities as well. But the SEO concerns in India can offer you quality SEO Services at the affordable charges. It is also recommended to hire a SEO Company in India wisely after doing proper investigations about the concern.

A SEO Company in India claims you for better results of the investment done for the online business. You can outsource your online business requirement to any of the internet marketing companies in India and gain the best worth for the ROI (Return on investment) of the online trade. Do not go on promises, but fine tune the facts and achievement achieved by the concern in the SEO domain. Appreciate the worth of the company and make a suitable deal of online trading from the desired SEO concerns in India. All internet companies in India can offer you web services at highly competitive charges.

The global companies are seeking for the best SEO organization in India for their online business supervision. Somewhere, the website optimization is the generous activity of an SEO organization, but increasing the traffic and maintaining the web analytic of the website is also the role of SEO. All the internet tasks can be accomplished by the internet organization wisely with quality. Thus, you need to be relaxed after hiring a Best SEO Company in India for your website.

For more convenience, you can also consult with a SEO consultants in India. The SEO experts can suggest you best tip to hire a result oriented SEO Consultancy ? The SEO professionals in India use the latest SEO services for the optimization of your company's website and other internet related tasks as well.

The internet company in India can offer you best SEO services like Link building, Content Optimization, Multilingual SEO services, Website designing, Web analytics etc. All these effective services can be availed from the renowned SEO organizations in India at the market oriented charges. Thus, you can make a wise deal by hiring a SEO company in India for your all internet related tasks for your online business.

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Monday, 19 October 2015

Boost Up Your Business's Profitability By Bandwidth Manager

The advancement in the field of Internet technology has really shaped up our lives. Communication with this technology has been improved to the greatest extent and similarly, it has helped a lot in brining people close. It has resulted in making this world a global village. You will see that more ad more cyber and Internet cafes are being opened, which are providing us with easiest way of accessing Internet. Many other types of business organizations have also shifted most of their business functions on Internet. The reason of its significant demand and popularity is the ease, which it has brought in our lives. When there are so many advantages of a technology, there are a number of disadvantages as well. The customers and employees of few organizations bring problems inside the business organizations, in terms of high rate of wastages. If you want to have control over your customers and employees then you should not ignore the importance of the installation of bandwidth manager.

This software can bring tremendous changes in your business. With this single software, you can transform the functions of your business and it will result in the expansion and development of your business organization. Bandwidth manager is not only helpful for Internet cafes, but it is highly efficient for gaming centers, educational institutions, hotels, airline companies and medical centers. It gives strong control in the hands of the owner, especially when it comes to those businesses, which provides Internet facilities to their customers and employees.

In earlier times, the customers used to deceive the business owners, by consuming unpaid time. They used to avail extra time and the owners did not know the rate of upload and download of their customers, which used to increase their expenses, but now with bandwidth manager, you can put restrictions over your customers, by providing them with individual usernames and passwords. When the paid time of your customer will be over, he will be automatically logged out from your system and will not be able to access Internet. This control over the upload and download rate of your customers will really bring down your wastage, which will help in your increased profitability.

Bandwidth manager also provides your customers, with the highest level of privacy. With this software the information, files and data of your customers will be protected and no one will be able to access the data of any other customer. It will improve the goodwill and repute of your business. This positive change will attract more and more customers. Bandwidth Management software can easily be downloaded from Internet. You can install it in your existing system and will not have to purchase an additional hardware, in order to make it workable and operational. You will not even have to hire any kind of professional to operate it, for it can easily be handled and operated by you. After the installation of Bandwidth manager [], you will see an unbelievable change in the success rate of your business and it is going to provide you with high level of mental peace.

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Why Internet Billing and Bandwidth Management Software Is Required in the Hotel Network?

With the evolving technology, needs and demands of guests are also increasing. World without the Internet - now is unimaginable. Guests traveling to different cities, countries for touring or official purpose need internet to stay connected to their friends, families or office. With the latest devices and gadgets in the market, constant internet connection is mandatory to make the optimum use of the applications and facilities. And a hotel without internet is like is like a modern man in neolithic age. Latest devices, gadgets and smart phones are lifeless without Internet connection.

Instant access to Internet helps several guests to stay connected with their friends and families as well as office staff. Provisioning of Internet service not only helps in winning guest satisfaction but also helps in generating additional revenue. Mostly in hotels, guests check-in for limited period and they need a limited hour plan by which they can access internet as and when they require. This is where Hotels need a unique bandwidth management solution can help in re-distributing the direct bandwidth from internet service providers into different hourly plans for guests. There are several bandwidth management software available in the market, very few software are integrated with the hotel property management system.

With the help of a comprehensive billing and bandwidth management system, one can easily create different types of Internet plans for guests as per their requirements. It helps in defining room numbers and room types in the system by which hotels can provide complimentary internet plans to different room types (i.e. Standard Rooms âEUR" 1 Hour Complimentary). Advanced system also facilitates prepaid coupon printing by which hotel admin can sell the prepaid cards to guests via hotel reception. The system ensures that only authenticated users are allowed to access the internet, so these coupons are printed with username and passwords. Only after entering the username and password in the login page, guest will be allowed to access the internet.

Instead of coupon purchase if the guest wants to renew or purchase the internet plan via online then the system is also integrated with famous property management systems like Fidelio, Amadeus, IDS, Shawman etc. so it can easily communicate with PMS and internet plan purchase details is provided. It tracks the consumption of userâEUR(TM)s usage and also maintains the log of different websites visited by the guests. It provides complete reports and live monitoring facility to take necessary actions, if any guest is trying to make malicious activity in the network. The network becomes secured and user friendly, guests can seamlessly roam around wired and wireless network without multiple login.

Solution with guest, room and bandwidth management facility with comprehensive internet billing is the ideal solution for the hospitality industry.

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Friday, 16 October 2015

How To Improve The Speed Of Your Bandwidth?

This the age of internet and everybody use this service for the sake of enjoyment and for work purpose also. There are so many service providers who provide the high speed internet connection but online gaming, downloading free music, videos and lots of other things slow down the speed of internet. If you think that this is the mistake of service provider or think now you need a new router, or your bandwidth limit is not suitable and you need some more bandwidth, then you are wrong because there are lots of other factors, which effects on the speed.

First of all, may be your computer has viruses or spy ware because these things reduce the speed of internet. So, it is very important to remove these parasites from your pc, this thing increase the speed of your internet connection.

For example bandwidth is like a freeway with two lanes and so many people drive on the same way, the traffic will block after sometime. Similarly, if your bandwidth is used by many other people it reduces the speed of your connection. This thing also become a big problem for many business companies because employees use the net for so many other entertainment purposes such as, net surfing, music swapping etc, these things create the problem and make the bandwidth limiter. The bad thing is that companies have to pay lots of money on these non office related activities.
Although there seems not any other solution of this problem, except to buy more bandwidth from the service provider, that is not only increase the revenue of service provider but also increase your budget. Where there is a will there is a way, the good thing is that there are lots of other ways in spite of that you purchase more bandwidth, there are some bandwidth management software tools available in the market and that tools not only help to improve the speed but also manage the bandwidth traffic. These tools create the virtual bandwidth, in other words compress the websites and shape up the traffic by the use of queuing system.

The bandwidth management is possible through the traffic shaper, and this is the more convenient and cheap way, in spite of that you buy more bandwidth for your company or home. Compression or traffic caching is the best way to increases the speed of your bandwidth, and the good thing of this method is, not as costly as any other method. By giving the priorities to the applications, which are important an, you can also save the money and time but also increase the speed of internet. With the help of bandwidth management and wan routers queuing system, you can tag those sites and application which are most important for your business.

These three steps help you in solving the bandwidth issues and energize your whole system once again. In spite of that you purchase some more bandwidth every year for your business, it is better to use the bandwidth management tools that are less expensive but high in performance. With these tools you not only keep an eye on the traffic but also stop the unnecessary traffic that block the flow. Moreover, through the bandwidth limiter you can also check that where your money goes and for which purpose.

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Thursday, 15 October 2015

Global Hand-Washing Day ~

October 15 is Global Hand washing Day, a global advocacy day dedicated to increasing awareness and understanding about the importance of hand washing with soap as an effective and affordable way to prevent diseases and save lives.

Global Hand washing Day is an opportunity to design, test, and replicate creative ways to encourage people to wash their hands with soap at critical times.

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Monday, 12 October 2015

What You Need To Know About Bandwidth Limit And Bandwidth Management

Bandwidth is used to measure the amount of data that can be transferred over communication lines mainly between the user's computer and the provider who is providing the service known as Internet Service Provider (ISP).

Since the exposure of internet in the public domain this term has become a very much a house hold name. ISPs and people that provide internet service to the customers use various ways to control how the bandwidth is controlled. This process of controlling is known as bandwidth management. If companies didn't have no control of how bandwidth was controlled then the more and more people who use internet will experience slow connection and eventually the companies whole network will get congested. This would eventually result in company unable to provide satisfactory service to their users. As such bandwidth management plays an important part for ISPs and companies that provide the service to help deliver satisfactory service. There are various third party companies that offer bandwidth management for ISPs and public companies to help keep their internet costs low.

There are various ways in which bandwidth is managed. One such way is what is known is the bandwidth limiter. This technique is deployed by a company to limit the amount of data a user can use. These are software both free and commercial that help companies deploy this for ease. An example of such software is Smart Guard, which provides not only bandwidth limiter features, but also traffic shaper which would be explained shortly. This is not to say that bandwidth limiter is only helpful to big companies or ISP, but it can also be helpful in private use to help keep the costs of internet usage low.

There are many uses of why a company will use bandwidth limiter mainly to stop people from using company resources to do extravagant downloading of internet content. Another use of bandwidth limiter is to help companies provide cheaper service to the users. For example, people who are unable to afford unlimited internet service, companies will often provide a cheaper often where the bandwidth is limited. The limit the ISPs put on the end users is what is known as the bandwidth limit. Bandwidth limits are put on various things by companies for example mobile companies usually put a bandwidth limit on how much content people can download or view over their mobile phones. There are bandwidth limits on the websites. This is where companies that host the website put in a certain limit as to how much traffic can a particular website receive.

Companies often use what is known as traffic shaper to help keep their network optimised to give ultimate performance. What this techniques means is that each part of data (known as a packet) must conform to a certain rule. It also helps companies control how much data enters the network itself at any given time. One example how it can help is that it can stop incoming data when lots of outgoing requests are being made for a short period. One company that offers such service is CFOS. Traffic shapers play an important role in ensuring that network is kept optimized to deal with users requests.

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Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Choose The Best Bandwidth Management Software For Your Cyber Cafe
Internet cafes are coming with increased and improved services these days. That is the reason more people are getting interested in business and more users like to go to Internet cafes and more issues are faced regarding security and management of multiple computers.

A very important concern regarding management is the Bandwidth management. However, it is not a question any more. Bandwidth management software has solved the issue now.

The software assists you to manage the download and upload speed for each computer in your set of arrangements. Computers can be restricted to a specified Bandwidth, time, and allocation per session, access limitations and security options.

Bandwidth management software is highly suitable for Internet cafes and gaming consoles. It automatically restricts the Internet traffic when the client logs out. It enables you to customize download and upload speeds for each computer accordingly and independently.

The software presents a user friendly interface which serves you to manage the whole network without any effort. All the control options are given on the screen to present user friendly software.

First and most important feature of the software is its compatibility with Windows. You do not need to install any expensive hardware for this software. It works very well on your standards PCs. You just need to put two network cards to setup Bandwidth manager.

You do not even need to install the software on client computers. Just run it on the administrator and control a whole network from a single computer.

The software enables you to control the Bandwidth on each computer. Bandwidth limit is the rate and speed of Internet traffic on each computer. It is set in Kb/s, for each user account independently. The Bandwidth management software allows you to set high Bandwidth limit for some computers while low limit for others. Independent management of computers ensures that no user can disrupt other’s activities. Similarly, it enables you to configure Bandwidth quota for every user.

Bandwidth quota is the total amount of Internet traffic bought by a user. This quota is set in Mbytes/sec. It just ensures that no user can use extra time than his payment. This option also configures time allowed to the user. Accounts can be temporarily activated or disabled also. It also sets activity timeout for every computer. Computer will be automatically locked and logged off if the quota is expired or the prepaid account runs out. It also enables you to allow certain accounts or computers to access Internet without any restriction.

The software also gives you detailed reports regarding each user account within the network of your Internet cafe. Whatever activities are being performed by all the users, are kept a record of. It stores all the activities. The user login and logout time, log in attempts made, pages visited etc. all are kept in log reports.

It gives the administrator control by generating a login and password for it. Only the administrator can authorize the client computers to access Internet.

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