Thursday, 4 August 2016

Web Hosting And Domain Maintenance Services In India
Web Hosting is a kind of Internet hosting service that allows a website to be accessed via the World Wide Web. Web Hosting companies, also known as Web hosts provide space to clients on servers. These servers can be owned or leased by them. Apart from the space on the server, they provide internet connectivity, typically in a data center. The data center is a collection of servers. Web hosts can also provide space on data center and internet connectivity for other servers in the data center. This is known as collocation or housing.

Web hosting is a very popular service and XS Infosol provides this service without any stress. It provides another layer of support unlike any other standard hosting company. The team at XS Infosol understands the website, its requirements and technology used to build. They very well know how to manage if anything goes wrong. A special technical buffer is provided to the customer to understand the issues so that they don't have to deal with the technical team in case of any problem.

The scope of web hosting varies greatly from most basic (small scale file hosting) to complex ones. Small scale web hosting, generally the personal web hosting is free, advertisement sponsored or inexpensive. Complex business website hosting is highly expensive depending on the type and size of the website.

Personal web pages usually require a single page hosting, but complex sites call for a more comprehensive package which provides a database support along with application development platforms. For the websites which wish to keep the transmitted data more secure, a Secure Socket layer (SSL) is used.

XS Infosol provides the service of hosting and maintenance to its customers. Under Domain Name registration and management, it provides the service of domain search and name recommendation, domain registration and renewal services and domain maintenance (DNS assistance).

Under Web hosting, they provide web hosting for simple HTML sites, web hosting for PHP Content Management sites like WordPress and a second tier of backup. While working with Wordpress for many years, XS Infosol has developed a managed hosting solution especially for Wordpress. For this, they maintain regular updates to the customer and ensure that they have the best speed plug-ins. This ensures the visitors have the best experience possible. Also, they install & update enhanced security plug-ins to prevent hacking.

Apart from the above mentioned services, XS Infosol provides Proactive Monitoring of the customer's website. They keep a close watch on the website's performance and monitor each website individually and separately. This ensures their operation all day long. Alerts have been set up to inform if anything goes wrong so that they can act immediately to fix the error. XS Infosol ensures to provide a hassle free and on-time service to its customers.

Another important service provided by XS Infosol is the backing up of data. Backing up of data is a very crucial task and needs to be taken care from time to time. It is very important to backup the complete website, including its database, pages, posts, plug-ins, comments, themes etc. XS Infosol boasts of having a thoroughly tested backup solution and ensures that if anything goes wrong, they are always in service to restore the website from the backed up data. Apart from this, all of their hosting plans include automatic and regular backups of the customer's complete installation.

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