Thursday, 16 June 2016

Top 5 Trends in Social Media Marketing That Are Ruling 2016

At this moment, social media is larger than life for all modern men. Yes, in its early years, it did garner all the criticism and was nearly deemed a platform impotent of worthwhile business actions. It was looked at as a fun element, devoid of any serious trade ambience.

However, over the years, this entity in the virtual digital world has come of age. It has turned rock solid, and is today, the à la mode of online advertising and content consumption. The only problem is, it is very, very dynamic.

You think of a stratagem and the next thing you know is, it is already out of date. Moreover, it’s getting topped up with endless rookie platforms hitting the market every year.
So, how do you survive the competition and stay ahead of the game? At least this year?
Simple – know what’s all the rage at present.

Presenting the Ruling Trends of SMO and Social Media Marketing In 2016:

What’s In The Moment?

Well, typically, the entity was designed to ask this very question in the first place. It likes to know what’s happening where and how in the real time. It is because of its presence that we receive news like we never received before.
And what can be a more suitable example of this than Twitter? So, if you are ever hiring SMO services, make sure the doers are impeccably active on this platform.

The Arrival Of The ‘Buy’ Button
Facebook and Pinterest have already done it. The newest call to action button is the ‘buy’, which is believed to drive direct sales for businesses. Users will be able to ‘buy’ a product or service without having to leave the platform.

Instant Content Consumption

If these platforms want you to consume a certain content, they will do so, no matter what. For instance, Facebook is already leading the pack with its instant video playing activities. It also introduced an in-app feature called Instant Articles to help content publishers. 
Further, it has also given us something called in-post search engine, which lets you find articles while referencing. The attempt hints towards instant user engagement – more and more and more.

Only What’s Organic Is Welcome

Currently, privacy is a priority with all such platforms. This has come as a hard hit after the much-speculated security breaches of Ashley Madison and the recent account hacks of Mark Zuckerberg.
Accordingly, whoever is indulging in social media optimisation, needs to keep it fair and organic. Owing to the stringent security measures, a shady attempt may be immediately sandboxed and eliminated. Organic visibility is the current talk.

The Big Shots Remain The Big Shots, After All

In the past few years, we have seen countless platforms come up and vanish in the blink of an eye. Naturally, these platforms never made it to success either due to lack of finances, or users, or popularity. In fact, some even went on to live a life of oblivion and others were eventually acquired by the big shots.
So, here’s the cue – no matter how fast the geography of this virtual world changes, the big players are here to stay. Those into social media marketing in Delhi Ncr must respect their presence and leverage it to their advantage.

Are You SMO-ing Yet?

These top five trends will surely define the present landscape in the 2016 world of social media optimisation and marketing. They are expected to remain viable across all audiences and multiple platforms. Each one of these is an achievement in itself.

And the big shots have already claimed their position for the same. It’s time you prepared your business for these surging changes so that you stay competitive, remain organically visible, and expand your profit margin to the zenith.

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