Thursday, 9 June 2016

2016’s Mobile App Development Trends
iOS Vs Android- War of the Superiors

Even in 2016, Apple and Android the biggest rivals are giving each other a tough competition.As per the survey reports, Android has marked almost 82% of the market’s share at Q2 in 2015, whereas Windows marked it at 2.6% and iOS at 13.9%.

Transaction on Mobile Apps to Reach Heights

Mobile Applications like Samsung Pay is about to launch in the United States by 2016.Apple Pay 2014 is expected to come up with some with interesting changes that will make financial transaction much easier and trendy.

Thus, it can be expected that 50% of online transactions conducted everyday will be performed through mobile apps. So, gear yourself!

Messaging Apps to get more popularity in 2016

The research tests conducted so far on smartphones conclude that 36% of users dedicatedly use messaging apps in their daily life.

It has also been predicted that popularity of Message will archive a record of “2.2125 billion active users globally”.

Trendy Wearable Technology

Wearable technologies is about to change lives this year by collaborating with fashion.2016 is expected to introduce some trendy wearable into the market.

Location Based Wi-Fi: To become Viral
GSP to become an automatic command influencing location-based Wi-Fi and Beacon.

Beacon services will enhance the possibilities of:
  1. Customer interaction
  2. Location awareness

Cloud Technology:

Cloud technology is the star of 2015’s mobile app development .This will also keep the market dominated in the upcoming years.

Huge Market for Enterprise Apps:

In 2016, most of the big enterprises will have their “own app development platforms”.

Third party app developers will experience better results during such scenario. Presently, 42% of the enterprise developers see a boost of around $10,000 in their monthly income.

Swift-The new language that will rule:

Swift is the latest trend and it’s absolutely ready for your upcoming project.

An addition to your current application

Swift code functions “side-by-side” with objective C

If integrated in “Xcode”, Swift can definitely work faster than that of Objective C

The list doesn’t end here, there are various other app development trends that you can see in the year 2016.

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