Friday, 27 May 2016

Different Types of Network Management Software Applications For Enterprises
The job of network management software is to monitor computers within a local area network in an enterprise. The software also helps in managing other services and resources on a network like mail servers, printers and routers among other things. Using a network software you can restrict which computers can access shared printers or other resources.Network monitoring and management software is not only helpful for large companies but also for smaller organizations.

There are different kinds of network management software applications:

Bandwidth Monitoring - The rate of transmission or receiving data is termed bandwidth. Higher bandwidth results in higher cost for the company. So every company tries to prevent wastage and bring down the bandwidth usage as much as possible. Bandwidth monitoring software helps in continuously monitoring bandwidth usage 24 hours a day. The software can identify which applications or computers are using the most bandwidth. Steps can then be taken to minimize this usage.

Device monitoring - This type of software is mainly used to track the activities of each computer and device on the network. The software can help in keeping a constant watch on all activities of all computers. This type of software is also useful in keeping a check on employees to ensure they are not wasting their time in unproductive activities.

For example, if network administrators find that there is lot of data being downloaded on a particular computer, they can check what is being downloaded. If it is something unrelated to company work, they can confront the particular employee asking him to stop that activity or can report him to the management so that they can take appropriate action on the employee. If such activities of the employees go unchecked, it can cause lot of problems for the company due to increased bandwidth usage and also due to reduced productivity from employees as they are engaged in non-business related activities. Therefore keeping a constant watch on all network devices is necessary in big or medium-sized organizations where it is not possible for the management to personally keep an eye on each employee.

Security Software - The security of an organization's network is very important. It is also one of the most challenging jobs faced by the network administrators since there are sophisticated tools available at the disposal of hackers who can try to use them to gain access to network tools and sensitive data. Therefore the security software has to be really powerful and effective at preventing and thwarting hacking attempts. Not only should it prevent hacking attempts but also alert the administrators in the event of any such attempt.

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