Monday, 19 October 2015

Why Internet Billing and Bandwidth Management Software Is Required in the Hotel Network?

With the evolving technology, needs and demands of guests are also increasing. World without the Internet - now is unimaginable. Guests traveling to different cities, countries for touring or official purpose need internet to stay connected to their friends, families or office. With the latest devices and gadgets in the market, constant internet connection is mandatory to make the optimum use of the applications and facilities. And a hotel without internet is like is like a modern man in neolithic age. Latest devices, gadgets and smart phones are lifeless without Internet connection.

Instant access to Internet helps several guests to stay connected with their friends and families as well as office staff. Provisioning of Internet service not only helps in winning guest satisfaction but also helps in generating additional revenue. Mostly in hotels, guests check-in for limited period and they need a limited hour plan by which they can access internet as and when they require. This is where Hotels need a unique bandwidth management solution can help in re-distributing the direct bandwidth from internet service providers into different hourly plans for guests. There are several bandwidth management software available in the market, very few software are integrated with the hotel property management system.

With the help of a comprehensive billing and bandwidth management system, one can easily create different types of Internet plans for guests as per their requirements. It helps in defining room numbers and room types in the system by which hotels can provide complimentary internet plans to different room types (i.e. Standard Rooms âEUR" 1 Hour Complimentary). Advanced system also facilitates prepaid coupon printing by which hotel admin can sell the prepaid cards to guests via hotel reception. The system ensures that only authenticated users are allowed to access the internet, so these coupons are printed with username and passwords. Only after entering the username and password in the login page, guest will be allowed to access the internet.

Instead of coupon purchase if the guest wants to renew or purchase the internet plan via online then the system is also integrated with famous property management systems like Fidelio, Amadeus, IDS, Shawman etc. so it can easily communicate with PMS and internet plan purchase details is provided. It tracks the consumption of userâEUR(TM)s usage and also maintains the log of different websites visited by the guests. It provides complete reports and live monitoring facility to take necessary actions, if any guest is trying to make malicious activity in the network. The network becomes secured and user friendly, guests can seamlessly roam around wired and wireless network without multiple login.

Solution with guest, room and bandwidth management facility with comprehensive internet billing is the ideal solution for the hospitality industry.

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