Friday, 16 October 2015

How To Improve The Speed Of Your Bandwidth?

This the age of internet and everybody use this service for the sake of enjoyment and for work purpose also. There are so many service providers who provide the high speed internet connection but online gaming, downloading free music, videos and lots of other things slow down the speed of internet. If you think that this is the mistake of service provider or think now you need a new router, or your bandwidth limit is not suitable and you need some more bandwidth, then you are wrong because there are lots of other factors, which effects on the speed.

First of all, may be your computer has viruses or spy ware because these things reduce the speed of internet. So, it is very important to remove these parasites from your pc, this thing increase the speed of your internet connection.

For example bandwidth is like a freeway with two lanes and so many people drive on the same way, the traffic will block after sometime. Similarly, if your bandwidth is used by many other people it reduces the speed of your connection. This thing also become a big problem for many business companies because employees use the net for so many other entertainment purposes such as, net surfing, music swapping etc, these things create the problem and make the bandwidth limiter. The bad thing is that companies have to pay lots of money on these non office related activities.
Although there seems not any other solution of this problem, except to buy more bandwidth from the service provider, that is not only increase the revenue of service provider but also increase your budget. Where there is a will there is a way, the good thing is that there are lots of other ways in spite of that you purchase more bandwidth, there are some bandwidth management software tools available in the market and that tools not only help to improve the speed but also manage the bandwidth traffic. These tools create the virtual bandwidth, in other words compress the websites and shape up the traffic by the use of queuing system.

The bandwidth management is possible through the traffic shaper, and this is the more convenient and cheap way, in spite of that you buy more bandwidth for your company or home. Compression or traffic caching is the best way to increases the speed of your bandwidth, and the good thing of this method is, not as costly as any other method. By giving the priorities to the applications, which are important an, you can also save the money and time but also increase the speed of internet. With the help of bandwidth management and wan routers queuing system, you can tag those sites and application which are most important for your business.

These three steps help you in solving the bandwidth issues and energize your whole system once again. In spite of that you purchase some more bandwidth every year for your business, it is better to use the bandwidth management tools that are less expensive but high in performance. With these tools you not only keep an eye on the traffic but also stop the unnecessary traffic that block the flow. Moreover, through the bandwidth limiter you can also check that where your money goes and for which purpose.

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