Saturday, 24 October 2015

How can I manage internet bandwidth usage in company network?

Traffic Shaping is becoming more and more common in the business market. Most companies with remote offices are now connected via a WAN. Applications tend to become centrally hosted at the head office and remote offices are expected to pull data from central databases and server farms. As applications become more hungry in bandwidth and prices of dedicated circuits being relatively high in most areas of the world, instead of increasing the size of their WAN circuits, companies feel the need to properly manage their circuits to make sure business-oriented traffic gets priority over best-effort traffic. Traffic shaping is thus a good means for companies to avoid purchasing additional bandwidth while properly managing these resources.

With a linux gateway, you have a rich set of tools for managing and manipulating the bandwidth usage. More details can be found at:,

However, sometimes it might be difficult for you to deploy a linux gateway server.

This tutorial will guide to implement a pass by internet bandwidth usage management solution, which enables you to manage internet bandwidth usage through a mirroring port on your switch. Port mirroring allows you to setup a port in the switch to receive packets of other ports.

Let's take "WFilter Enterprise" as an example:
First, setup a mirroring port for monitoring.

Upon proper port mirroring, WFilter will be able to monitor all computers internet activities.

Bandwidth Usage Management Settings

Using WFilter's bandwidth usage management feature, you can set a maximum accumulating bandwidth usage of each computer for a period time. In this example, each user can have 200M internet bandwidth every day. Only messengers and emails are allowed when the bandwidth limit is reached.

 You also can setup a policy to block certain users when available internet bandwidth of the entire network is not enough. For example, When entire network traffic exceeds 80% of available internet bandwidth, p2p traffic will be blocked.

Bandwidth Usage Alert Settings

And the bandwidth alert feature will send you an alert email when the accumulating bandwidth usage of a computer is too large.

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