Friday, 6 September 2013

XS Infosol - Smartguard Software

Smartguard Software:

Smartguard is the complete tool for anyone wanting to manage internet, bandwidth and network security. It's a multi-function tool which is user friendly. It provides network security and bandwidth management by incorporating firewall, virus scanning, anti spam and manage traffic by IP Addresses, Ports, Packages and more. 

Smartguard is a complete solution for internet management. The solution is best suited for networks of : Enterprises, Corporates, Institutes, Hotels, ISPs and Cable Operators.

Features:  The features of smartguard is following :

            * Bandwidth Management

            * Easy Administration

            * Client Firewall

            * Anti-Spam

     * Cache Server

           * Message Center

           * Package Management

      * Customized Invoicing

           * Advanced Ticketing System

           * Extensive Management Report

            * No Software required for Client

            * Subscriber Internet Managements

           * Server Firewall

           * Mail Server & Webmail

           * E-mail Virus Scanning

           * Content Filtering

           * Port Management

     * Public IP / Private IP Support

           * Real Time Usage Reporting

           * Pre-Paid Cards Module

           * Multiple ISPs Support

       * User Database Backup / Restore

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